Welcome from our Co-Founder Caroline Epe

Education, its importance, its value but also the pure enjoyment of learning was instilled in me from a young age.

Education doesn't just start when we begin going to school, it starts with a parent who has the time and resources to read to a young child at night. It begins with talking to children about the world and everything in it. Good education can make you a productive member of society. Excellent education can make you its leader. 

I have been blessed with parents who believed that I should have access to excellent education in a part of the world where parents don't have to decide between food and education or which child gets to go to school. I had the privilege of a world class education from an early age. My home country, Germany, is able to provide great education for every child, regardless of background or economic standing and at age sixteen my parents' encouragement led me to the most important experiences during my education. I had the pleasure of attending a boarding schools in the UK. The two years I spent at Rugby School shaped me almost as much as my parents. It put me in an environment where learning was a joyful experience and excellence was valued. I continued my education at Tufts University in Boston, USA where I was taught that giving back to the world is the only way to truly show how grateful you are for your opportunities.


My bachelor degree in Economics and Psychology combined my interest in business and people perfectly and going to Tanzania to volunteer seemed like a great next step in my life. I could have never dreamt that I would find not only new experiences but also a place where I feel I belong and where I can make the best use of my own education. Education is about so much more than maths or physics, it is about becoming the best person you can be, to explore the world through books and other people's experiences and eventually go out into the world and create your own experiences. 

I believe that education is crucial for a country like Tanzania. This country desperately needs more leaders and visionaries to move forward. I also think that not enough projects trying to help here listen to local voices. I can see from my own experiences working with NGOs that they are often pulled in different directions by donors and local beneficiaries. Therefore I see the need to create a sustainable school which mainly relies on the wants and needs of parents and students rather than donors from other continents, countries and cultures. Tanzania will change a lot in the coming decades, it is far from reaching its potential. The future of Tanzania does not lie in the hands of donors or NGOs, it lies in the hands of Tanzanians themselves. They have the potential to change their own country for the better but they also need our help, our knowledge, our investments. Tanzanian children need to be taught that they are in charge of their own future. They will be the ones to change the country for the better. 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
— Mahatma Gandhi