School Fees

2017/2018 School Year

Annual School FeesUS DollarsT ShillingsDiscounted Fees
Reception (half day)$8001,760,000/=-
Primary Year 1 - 3$35007,700,000/=4,620,000
Primary Year 4 - 6$39008,580,000/=5,148,000
Annual Boarding FeesUS DollarsT Shillings
Primary Year 1 - 3$2,5005,500,000/=
Primary Year 4 - 6$2,8006,160,000/=

Additional Fees

Application fee $20 or 45,000/=

Registration fee (due after a place has been offered) $100 or 220,000/=. This fee is only necessary if the first installment of school fees is not paid immediately after accepting the place. 

School and Boarding fees can be paid annually or in three installments before the beginning of each term. 

Financial Aid
Black Rhino Academy offers financials aid/discounted fees based on the need of parents. We require additional information about the financial situation of parents for a reduction of the fees. Black Rhino offers up to 40% reduction of the full fees when adequate information is provided to proof that parents need financial aid. All financial information provided to the school will be kept confidential and only management will have access to the information. Financial information will never be shared with teachers or other staff. 

Please email to get more information.